@ Preview Berlin 

The book entitled Reverie is a collaboration between the visual artist Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo and photographer Melanie Magassa.  Magassa compiles imagery captured in an array of color, saturated through a photographic process of surreal aspects of everyday life; children, animals, toys and landscapes through a kaleidoscopic viewpoint of a daydream. Travels throughout Japan, America, Sweden and beyond are somehow depicted through this "travel log".  Juxtaposing the photographs is D'Angelo's subtractive process that unfolds and interlocks the imagery together through a book sculpture that intricately connects the narrative together through a three dimensional experience. As the 82 pages of the book burst and fan out it reveals both Magassa and D'Angelo's attempt to highlight the often subtle yet profound moments of the everyday.

All Images © Melanie Magassa  |  Imprint